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  3. Work // Blonde // Célfie    #vsco #vsco #vscocam #vscopro #vscodaily #vscophile #selfienation #selfies #fitfam #fitness

    Work // Blonde // Célfie #vsco #vsco #vscocam #vscopro #vscodaily #vscophile #selfienation #selfies #fitfam #fitness

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kyliejenner: la la day 3
Her hair looks great today!


    kyliejenner: la la day 3

    Her hair looks great today!

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  8. I can’t make sense of the fact that a guy can still approach a girl, fuck her without her consent and get away with it by saying that she was “wearing a pretty suggestive outfit”.
    Well my friend, I’m sorry to break it to you but dresses and skirts don’t flirt, nor do they wink, nor do they speak, nor do they say “yes” or “no”. Neither do types of bodies. Or cleavages. Or legs. Or behinds. Or a little too much vodka.
    What do you wish to have sex with? A dress, a drink, body parts? No. You should have sex with consent, respect and common sense.
    – m.t. - The meaning of “yes” or “no” (via alexashung)

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    I have such a weakness for characters who use snark and humor to cover up the fact that they feel like huge fuck ups but they’re actually heroes with hearts of gold and smart as all hell

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  10. she was special and unique because unlike other girls she read a book and drank a tea and didnt talk about a clothes

    young adult authors everywhere 

    #she wasn’t pretty like the other girls but she was skinny and white and conventionally attractive 

    #she was also the hetero and she liked to look at the stars at night

    #she was clumsy and awkward but not in a determental way only a cute way#she didn’t like to talk to other girls bc they liked frivolous things that she was above

    #And she was an old soul who raised herself, also her eyes were deep pools

    #And she didn’t wear makeup but it was okay because she had flawless skin anyway

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